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Gender: Female

The name Iselin is a girl's name . Iselin and is often added to lists like Supermodel Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "A Duggarlike Game: With a twist!".

From the experts:

This first name of a Norwegian supermodel has no known meaning of its own and is most closely related to Isleen, which is a variation of the Celtic Aislin or Ashling.

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Famous People Named Iselin

Iselin Vollen Steiro, Norwegian model (pronounced ee-sel-in)
Iselin Løken Solheim, Norwegian singer-songwriter
Iselin Michelsen, Norwegian model and singer
Iselin Alme, Norwegian singer and actress
Iselin Nybø, Norwegian politician

Pop Culture References for the name Iselin

Iselin, New Jersey, USA


Eliane Says:


Behind The Name says: "Diminutive of Isa, a German short form of Old High German names containing the element isarn meaning "iron" (e.g., Isengard, Iselinde, Isburg). Alternatively this may be a Norwegian variant of the modern Irish name Aisling (compare Isleen)."

noro226 Says:


Thank you for explaining the correct pronunciation! Your name is gorgeous. I'm sure it's frustrating to have to correct everyone, but I'm considering using it now for my daughter and will carry on the correct (and beautiful) pronunciation thanks to you. Do you know what it means?

Luísa Says:


I like this name! Though, me and the people I know would pronounce it like EE-zEH-leen and not the "right" way (but isn't hard for me to say it the norwegian way).

Zelliew Says:


That's the unfortunate part about choosing foreign names which can't be phonetically pronounced. Until a name really catches on the poor child is forever explaining how to say their name. I sympathise with newday.

newday Says:


I read that this name works in english, NO it does not!
this is my name, I am norwegian. and not a singel person from the 15 other contries I have been in has been able to pronance it right..
it is pronansed ee-se-lin lin like in katelin the norwegian "i" is pronances like the english e/ee. and the "se" like ce in center. and no one is able to say it right, even when I'm saying it for them many times. so i give up, and let them call me isilin(easy-lin) or isilina.. I want to change my name.