Baby Names That Mean Love

Baby names that mean love hail from a range of different cultures with the unifying theme of a love -- and lovely and loving -- meaning. And what could be a more wonderful meaning for a name than love?
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  • Philippa

    Gender: F Rate:

    Philippa is a prime example of a boy's name adapted for girls that was common as crumpets in Cornwall, but rarely heard stateside, never having appeared in the Top 1000. That was before the advent... Read More 

  • Priya

    Gender: F Rate:

    A name traditionally given to Indian girls born in August, Priya -- pronounced pree-ah -- denotes someone with an individual brand of beauty. Read More 

  • Querida

    Gender: F Rate:

    Loving choice.  Read More 

  • Sajan

    Gender: M Rate:

    An attractive and exotic name for a cherished baby son.  Read More 

  • Seraphina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Seraphina is the Number 2 most-searched name on Nameberry, yet is not quite yet in the overall U.S. Top 1000 — though we predict it won't be long before it will be solidly among its ranks. The high... Read More 

  • Siran

    Gender: F Rate:

    A shimmery name with a wonderful meaning; another intriguing variation is Siroun. Read More 

  • Suki

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the most familiar and usable Asian names.  Read More 

  • Tegwen

    Gender: F Rate:

    Tegwen is nowhere near as pretty as its meaning. Other -wen names -- Anwen, Bronwen, Rhonwen -- have more appeal. Read More 

  • Thais

    Gender: F Rate:

    A paramour of Alexander the Great and the heroine of a Jules Massenet opera based on the life of a fourth century Egyptian saint, this name is nothing if not dramatic.  Read More 

  • Valentina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Valentina is a more exotic and artistic ballerina-type successor to Valerie; a pretty, recommended choice. Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek and husband Francois-Henri Pinault named their daughter V... Read More 

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