Werewolf Baby Names

Interested in a werewolf name for your little, um, monster? Check out our blog on werewolf baby names or consult the list here.
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  • Nina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Nina is as multiethnic as you can get: Nina is a young girl in Spain, a common nickname name in Russia, a Babylonian goddess of the oceans, and an Incan goddess of fire. Here and now, it's a stylis... Read More 

  • Oz

    Gender: M Rate:

    This may be a legitimate Hebrew name denoting power, but to any American kid, it will evoke ruby slippers and a yellow brick road. The full Hebrew name is Ozni, who was a grandson of Jacob in the B... Read More 

  • Paul

    Gender: M Rate:

    To the thousands of girls who screamed the name of their favorite Beatle in the 1960s, Paul had a thrillingly unique image, but to the rest of the world, then and now, it's a name that's so simple ... Read More 

  • Raina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Strong and solid, with a touch of foreign intrigue, it's the most popular of the rain-related names, with a variety of pronunciations -- ray-na, rah-ee-na, or ry-na.  Read More 

  • Rashida

    Gender: F Rate:

    Rashida is an evocative and alluring name, currently represented by Rashida Jones, daughter of Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones, who has been featured in The Office, Parks & Recreation, and The Social... Read More 

  • Remus

    Gender: M Rate:

    Remus is one of the legendary twins who, with brother Romulus, founded Rome. An unusual yet classic name for the extremely adventurous who can put aside the stereotyped image of Uncle Remus. Thou... Read More 

  • Richard

    Gender: M Rate:

    A classic old Norman name popular for a thousand years and favored for kings (Richard Nixon was named for Richard the Lionhearted), as well as the hoi polloi (as in every Tom, Dick and Harry), Rich... Read More 

  • Rose

    Gender: F Rate:

    Rose, one of the old-time sweet-smelling flower names, has had a remarkable revival --first of all as a middle name -- with parents (e. g. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck, Jon Stewart, Eric Clapton, ... Read More 

  • Sam

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sam has long been used on its own for boys. Now, Sam's very popular in the bourgeois bohemian world for both sexes.  Read More 

  • Seth

    Gender: M Rate:

    The long neglected name of Adam and Eve's third son after Cain and Abel, Seth is now being increasingly appreciated for its gentle, understated presence, and its strong middle-name potential. It re... Read More 

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