Baby Names Inspired by Artists

Creative baby names can be found by looking at the names of artists (and architects and designers). These baby names capture the artists' creative spirit, give your child an international role model, and are cool all at the same time. The following list encompasses both first (JASPER Johns) and last (Alexander CALDER) names, which have been drawn from all over the aesthetic map.
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  • Neo

    Gender: M Rate:

    This nouveau name of Keanu Reeves's character in The Matrix has not enjoyed the same burst of popularity as its female counterpart, Trinity, but it definitely sounds, well, newer. Neo Rauch is an i... Read More 

  • Nouvel

    Gender: M Rate:

    Surname of French architect Jean Nouvel that became a given name when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used it as the middle name of their daughter Shiloh. Read More 

  • O'Keeffe

    Gender: F Rate:

    If you love the venerable Southwestern painter but feel Georgia's gotten too overheated, you might want to go all the way to this Irish surname in the fashionable O' family. Read More 

  • Pablo

    Gender: M Rate:

    Pablo, the commonly used Spanish version of Paul, has the added bonus of some fantastic artistic bearers: painter Picasso, cellist Casals, and poet Neruda.  Read More 

  • Paloma

    Gender: F Rate:

    Paloma is vibrant and ruby-lipped a la jewelry designer Paloma Picasso, but also suggesting peace, as symbolized by the dove: Paloma is a highly recommended striking but soft name. Salma Hayak use... Read More 

  • Pei

    Gender: M Rate:

    For admirers of modernist architect I. M.  Read More 

  • Pelli

    Gender: M Rate:

    The renowned Argentina-born architect Cesar Pelli, designer of some of the world's tallest buildings, could provide naming inspiration for an architectural family. Read More 

  • Penn

    Gender: M Rate:

    This simple, elegant name offers something for many kinds of parents, from writers and history buffs to photographers to Pennsylvania dwellers. Most famous bearers are comedian Penn Jillette and Go... Read More 

  • Piano

    Gender: M Rate:

    If Banjo can be a name, why not Piano? Could be inspired by prize-winning architect Renzo Piano. Read More 

  • Picabia

    Gender: M Rate:

    A middle name idea to honor surrealist painter Francis.  Read More 

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