My Top Boys Names

My short list for sons...which I'm sure since I say I want all daughters, I will now have all sons, right? - Created by Stormshine

  • Arran

    A nice Scottish place name that is more stylish than the plain old Biblical "Aaron"

  • Axel

    A cool choice that I love.

  • Donovan

    An Irish name that makes me think of Hippie-spiritual icon Donovan.

  • Jorah

    A name I first heard in the book series A Song of Fire and Ice's TV adaptation, "Game of Thrones". But since I've grown quite fond of it. It means "early rain".

  • Julian

    A cool offshoot of Julius that strikes my fancy.

  • Linden

    A tree name, a nice likeable name.

  • Quentin

    A cool Roman name that spurs memories of the Dark Shadows character "Quentin Collins".

  • Sindri

    A Norse name that I like very much.

  • Thackeray

  • Thaddeus

    An old fashioned name, I like it.

  • Theodore

    A name that I've loved since I was little,and the nickname "Theo" is cute!

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