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Gender: F Pronunciation: meen-yawn Meaning of Mignon: "delicate, dainty" Origin of Mignon: French

Charming French endearment, first used as a name by Goethe, that now makes an appealing choice -- though the proper feminine form is Mignonne. Note, though, that this is not actually used as a name in France, where Manon would be the closest choice.

Mignon is the leading character, a young Italian dancer, in Goethe's novel Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, upon which an eponymous opera was based. Mignon Eberhart was a popular American mystery writer.

The name is also associated with the flower name Mignonette.

Famous People Named Mignon

Mignon, nickname for Marie of Romania, Queen consort of Ferdinand I of Romania
Mignon Anderson, American silent film actress
Mignon Baer, German punk musician
Mignon Clyburn, head of the U.S Federal Communications Commission
Mignon du Preez, South African cricketer
Mignon Good Eberhart, American mystery novelist (born Mignonette Good)
Mignon Fogarty aka Grammar Girl, American blogger
Mignon McLaughlin, American journalist and author
Mignon Nevada, English opera singer
Mignon Talbot, American paleontologist
Eloise Mignon, Australian actress
Amalia Mignon "Minnie" Hauk, American opera singer

Pop Culture References for the name Mignon

"Mignon," opera by Ambroise Thomas and its main character
"Modeste Mignon," novel by Honoré de Balzac and its main character
Bebe Mignon, Korean ballad group
Filet mignon (literally "cute/dainty fillet"), type of beef steak
"Les mignons," derogatory term for the frivolous and fashionable young courtiers of King Henry III of France
Translated literally in French this means 'cute'

Minyonell, Minyonne, Mignonne, Minnionette, Minnonette, Mingnon, Mignonette, Minyonette