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Gender: F Origin of Elma: Diminutive of names like Wilhelmina

Elma's rocking on the porch, with Thelma and Velma (and Wilhelmina too).

Famous People Named Elma

Elma de Vries, Dutch marathon speed skater
Elma Dienda, Namibian politician & teacher
Elma Salinas Ender, youngest woman to serve as Texas judge
Elma Francois (1897-1944), Africentric political activist
Elma Karlowa, German actress
Elma Lewis, founder of National Center of Afro-American Artists
Elma Maua (1948-2010), New Zealand journalist & editor
Elma Mitchell, British poet
Elma Napier, Scottish-born writer & politician
Elma Sinanovic, Bosnian singer
Elma Stuckey (1907-'88), African American poet
Elma Mary Williams, author from the UK
Gulielma "Elma" Sands, the victim in the Manhattan Well murder trial of 1800, the first recorded murder case in the US

Pop Culture References for the name Elma

Elma Center, New York, town of 2, 500
Elma, Iowa, town of 550
Elma Leivonen, character from manga/anime "Strike Witches"
Also short for Guglielma, the feminine form of Guglielmo