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Gender: F Meaning of Corliss: "carefree person" Origin of Corliss: English

Corliss, eccentric yet well-established, has an independent and artistic air.

Famous People Named Corliss

Corliss Mondari Williamson, American male basketball player and coach
Corliss Lamont, American male socialist philosopher
Corliss Champion "C.C." Mosely, American male aviator
Corliss P. Stone, American male politician; 3rd mayor of Seattle

Pop Culture References for the name Corliss

"Meet Corliss Archer," radio show and film series beginning with "Kiss and Tell"
From a medieval nickname for a carefree person (from Old English carlēas 'carefree').

Corlee, Corless, Corly, Corlisa, Corley, Corlissa, Corlie, Korliss, Corlise