Boy Names Ending in X

  1. ElexHeart
    • AlixHeart
      • PhenixHeart
        • JaxxHeart
          • Origin:

            Modern invented name
          • Description:

            Jaxx squeaked onto the Top 1000 for boys in 2017, a rising star on the strength of brothers Jax and Jaxon, renegade sons of Jack and Jackson, themselves stylish versions of the ultimate classic boys' name John. While that extra x serves no purpose other than creating a dubious distinction, some namers may feel it makes the name seem less like a nickname and more like an independent entity.
        • PheonixHeart
          • FelexHeart
            • PhynixHeart
              • TroixHeart
                • FénixHeart
                  • LinuxHeart
                    • QuixHeart
                      • AllexHeart
                        • MadoxHeart
                          • HendrixxHeart
                            • Origin:

                              Modern invented name
                            • Description:

                              If Jimi Hendrix's last name was too tame for you, you could add an extra X to the end -- enough parents did so in 2017 to make this one of the fastest-rising boys' names.
                          • PaxxHeart
                            • TherouxHeart
                              • AleixHeart
                                • Origin:

                                  Catalan variant of Alexis
                                • Description:

                                  Very popular in Catalonia, in part because of its use by a number of pro athletes. English speakers, though, may interpret it as a "yoonek" spelling of Alex.
                              • AllixHeart
                                • FelyxHeart