Names that Peaked in 1965

  1. DarrylHeart
    • RodericHeart
      • RenardHeart
        • Origin:

          French word name
        • Meaning:

      • LesiaHeart
        • Origin:

          Variation of Lisa and Elizabeth
        • Meaning:

          "pledged to God"
        • Description:

          Lisa was one of the first names to spawn a range of variations, and this is one, sometimes pronounced lee-sha. The original is simpler and prettier.
      • DarinHeart
        • Origin:

          Variation of Darren
        • Description:

          Darin was so popular that it nearly cracked the Top 100 in the mid-1960s, but has now dropped from sight. The original Darren is still hanging on.
      • KrisHeart
        • DarynHeart
          • DerwinHeart
            • Origin:

            • Meaning:

              "dear friend"
            • Description:

              A twist on Darwin with the same friendly meaning. Its lovable-nerd feel is given a cool edge by several football players with the name.
          • DarenHeart
            • DarrinHeart
              • RodHeart
                • Origin:

                  English, diminutive of Roderick and Rodney
                • Description:

                  Macho-er than thou.
              • LorindaHeart
                • Origin:

                  English elaboration of Lora
                • Description:

                  Echoes of two dated names: Lori and Linda.
              • DaronHeart
                • TrudiHeart
                  • DarronHeart
                    • DarrynHeart
                      • CristineHeart
                        • VondaHeart
                          • DawneHeart
                            • DeannHeart