Bird Baby Names

One of the hottest of the hot nature categories is the Bird Baby Names, all the way from Birdie to Wren.
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  • Alouette

    Gender: F Rate:

    Alouette is a sweet Gallic twist in the stylish bird name genre made familiar via the charming French children's song, Alouette, gentile alouette . Read More 

  • Avis

    Gender: F Rate:

    Avis is a bird name that's been in hibernation for awhile, possibly due to the car rental association, but it could make a return on the wings of Ava. Baldwin brother Daniel chose it for his daught... Read More 

  • Aya

    Gender: F Rate:

    Simple names have their appeal, but Aya, barely more than a breath, maybe be too simple. Similar and prettier: Maya or Anya.  Read More 

  • Bird

    Gender: F Rate:

    Too flighty.  Read More 

  • Birdie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Birdie was until recently a middle-aged Ladies' Club member wearing a bird-decorated hat --but now it's just the kind of vintage nickname (think Hattie, Josie, Mamie, Millie) that's coming back int... Read More 

  • Byrd

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the rare cases where spelling a name with a y makes it less rather than more feminine. Birdie might be the freshest choice in this aviary. Read More 

  • Deryn

    Gender: F Rate:

    This 1950s Welsh bird name sounds less dated than our fifties Robin.  Read More 

  • Dove

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the new bird names, like Lark and Wren, this one's associated with the billing and cooing sounds of love. Soft and gentle, Dove also has the admirable association with peace. Dove was actua... Read More 

  • Eagle

    Gender: F Rate:

    For the boyds. Er, boys. Read More 

  • Falcon

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the bird names that's more appropriate for a boy, though it works for a girl too.  Read More 

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