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Cool boys' names can sometimes be made from less-than-cool ones. With a bit of ingenuity you can ramp up a name you like to a similar one that's cooler, or tone it down if you want to go in a quieter direction. Here are some examples:
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  • Monroe

    Gender: F Rate:

    Monroe is a presidential name with a lot more muscle for a girl than a boy. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently chose it for their twin daughter, honoring Marilyn Monroe. Carey's use of Monroe ... Read More 

  • Monty

    Gender: M Rate:

    Monty, a name with a World War II feel, is rarely used on its own. But we're hearing rumblings of a comeback and think that Monty, whatever it's short for, is an adorable vintage nickname name of ... Read More 

  • Raymond

    Gender: M Rate:

    Now that the show has gone into reruns, does anybody still love Raymond? Though it's been long dormant, some parents -- including Jack Nicholson -- are finding its cool component, largely through t... Read More 

  • Ronald

    Gender: M Rate:

    Ronald's off playing shuffleboard with Donald. In the Top 10 in the late 30s through the mid-40s, the name came to be associated with the aging President Reagan, along with his nicknames, Ron and R... Read More 

  • Scott

    Gender: M Rate:

    A cool, windswept, surfer babe-magnet in 1965, a nice dad -- or even granddad today.  Read More 

  • Wayne

    Gender: M Rate:

    When Marion Michael Morrison became John Wayne around 1930, his last name took on an air of cowboy cool that lasted about thirty years, but by now it's strictly a dad or even granddad name.  Read More 

  • Wilfred

    Gender: M Rate:

    One of several Wil-starting names that are gone and best forgotten.  Read More 

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