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Gender: M Meaning of Richard: "dominant ruler" Origin of Richard: German Richard's Popularity in 2013: #140

Popularity: this week.

Richard is a far from stylish old Norman name, with a rich royal history, but now not even in the Top 100. All the possible nicknames of Richard -- Richie, Ricky, and especially Dick -- are so over. It's hard to imagine Richard ever coming back into style. But not that long ago, people said that about now-hot baby names Sam and Max.

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Famous People Named Richard

Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th American President
Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), drummer for The Beatles
Richard Burton, Welsh actor
Richard Charles Rodgers, American composer
Richard Lynn Carpenter, American musician and composer
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, American comedian
Richard Tiffany Gere, American actor
Richard Benjamin Harrison, Jr., business man & TV personality
Richard Armitage, English actor
Richard E. Grant, English actor
Richard Dean Anderson, American actor
Richard Roxburgh, Australian actor
Richard Madden, Scottish actor
Richard Benjamin "Dick" Haymes (1918-1980), Argentine actor & singer
Richard Ralph Haymes (1942), son of Dick Haymes & Joanne Dru
Richard Ellef Ayoade, English comedian, actor, writer and director
Richard Robert Ruccolo, American actor
Richard David Briers, English actor
Richard (Richie) Hugh McCaw, N.Z. All Blacks rugby Team Captain
Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist & Nobel prize winner
Richard 'Dick' Winters, famous WWII paratrooper who was captain of Easy Company (eventually promoted to Major) and portrayed by Damien Lewis in the HBO mini-series 'Band of Brothers'
Richard Hadfield, member of English band Collabro.
Richard Stephen Dreyfuss, American actor
Richard 'Fazer' Rawson, British Singer, Producer and member of N-Dubz

Pop Culture References for the Name Richard

Richard Greyson, first Robin
Richard Bucket, in the British comedy Keeping Up Appearances
Richard Gilmore, "Gilmore Girls"
Richard Roma, "Glengarry Glen Ross"
Richard Webber, character in the TV show "Grey's Anatomy"
Richard Travers, character from the movie "Cliffhanger"
Richard Cole the English Journalist from the Power of Five book series
Richard Cypher, main character in "Legend of the Seeker"
Richard Parker, the lion in "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel
Richard Wellington, character from 'Ace Attorney'
Dick Casablancas, legendary dudebro in TV show "Veronica Mars"

Dick, Dickie, Dicky, Raechard, Rashard, Ric, Ricard, Rich, Richar, Richardsen, Richardson, Richaud, Richer, Richerd, Richey, Richie, Richird, Richshard, Richy, Rick, Ricke, Rickey, Rickie, Ricky, Rishard, Rishi, Ritch, Ritchard, Ritcherd, Ritchie, Ritchy, Ritshard, Ritsherd, Ryk

Richard's International Variations

Risa (Czech) Arri, Rollo, Riks, Riki, Juki (Estonian) Reku (Finnish) Richart (German) Rihardos (Greek) Riczi, Rikard (Hungarian) Riocard (Irish) Ristéard (Irish Gaelic) Ricciardo, Ricco, Riccardo (Italian) Richards, Rihards (Latvian) Ryszard, Rysio, Rye (Polish) Ricardo (Portuguese) Dic (Romanian) Rostya, Slavik, Slava, Slavka (Russian) Ruiseart (Scottish Gaelic) Richi, Riqui, Rico, Ricardo (Spanish) Rickert, Rickard (Swedish) Rhisiart (Welsh)