Rock Star Baby Names

These rock and roll baby names are sure to bring out the star in your little one. Inspired by the rockers themselves, or the subjects of their songs (Jude, Layla, and Roxanne for instance), these names are the most edgy, interesting, or relevant of the rock star choices.
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  • Ophelia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Ophelia is a beautiful name that has long been hampered by the stigma of Hamlet's tragic heroine--for whom he seems to have invented the name-- but more and more parents are beginning to put that a... Read More 

  • Ozzy

    Gender: M Rate:

    Hard-core rocker Ozzy (born John) Osbourne might not be everyone's idea of a role model, but his nickname name, along with others like Iggy and Izzy, are now being used occasionally. Read More 

  • Presley

    Gender: M Rate:

    More universal than Elvis...and more attractive, too. Cindy Crawford used it for her son, though it's on the rise mainly for girls.  Read More 

  • Prudence

    Gender: F Rate:

    Prudence, like Hope and Faith, is a Puritan virtue name with a quiet charm and sensitivity that is slowly returning to favor, though it hasn't yet registered on the charts. The White Album Beatles... Read More 

  • Quinn

    Gender: M Rate:

    Quinn is an engaging Celtic surname that is on the rise for both genders. Though still used more for boys, Quinn has started leaning decidedly toward the feminine thanks to a female cheerleader cha... Read More 

  • Rex

    Gender: M Rate:

    Now that many dogs are named Max, it's safe to use this sleek, sexy, regal name again for your child. And with the charm of its final 'x,' its regal meaning and its offbeat simplicity, Rex is defin... Read More 

  • Rhiannon

    Gender: F Rate:

    Most of us had never heard this lovely Welsh name with links to the moon until we heard the 1976 smash hit Fleetwood Mac song of that name, with lyrics by Stevie Nicks. That same year it popped on... Read More 

  • Rigby

    Gender: M Rate:

    Rigby is a rather stiff British surname, which might call to mind the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" or, from the recent past, Cathy Rigby, the first American woman to win a medal in World Gymnastics comp... Read More 

  • Riley

    Gender: M Rate:

    Riley -- a friendly, popular surname choice -- is rising faster now for girls than boys; Riley's in the female Top 50. In England and Wales, however, Riley entered the top ten for the first time i... Read More 

  • Rio

    Gender: M Rate:

    Rio is a reductive ranchero place-name with an attractive Tex-Mex lilt. No Doubt's Tom Dumont has a son named Rio Atticus. Also a South American place name, and associated with the Rio Grande, i... Read More 

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