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1920s Baby Names

Baby names popular in the 1920s include the following, many not often heard today. The names here are all from the Top 50 of that decade. If the Hundred Year Rule holds true, we'll be hearing more of these 1920s baby names in the near future.
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  • Donald

    Gender: M Rate:

    We're sorry, Mr. Trump, but this is not the greatest name in the world. It's been fired. The Irish Donal has a lot more appeal.  Read More 

  • Doris

    Gender: F Rate:

    Has long been on our so-far-out-it-will-always-be-out-for-babies list, and seems written there in indelible ink.  Read More 

  • Dorothy

    Gender: F Rate:

    In the 1930's Dorothy left Kansas and landed in the Land of Oz, by the eighties she had become a Golden Girl, living in Miami with roommates Blanche and Rose, giving her a decidedly older image. Bu... Read More 

  • Earl

    Gender: M Rate:

    It may have a noble ranking, but Earl is likely these days to be either wearing overalls or hunched over his desk crunching numbers with an adding machine.  Read More 

  • Edna

    Gender: F Rate:

    Though Emma and Ella have had successful return engagements, we don't see much hope for Edna.  Read More 

  • Ernest

    Gender: M Rate:

    Ernest is one of those sober, so-far-out-they're-beginning-to-be-reconsidered Great Uncle names. It was a Top 40 name from 1880 to 1926, and has never been completely off the Social Security list.... Read More 

  • Eugene

    Gender: M Rate:

    Eugene is a grandpa name that shows no signs of rejuvenating-- or to quote Jim Carrey, whose middle name this is, "You can never get too cool with a name like Eugene". The hero of Disney's "Tangled... Read More 

  • Florence

    Gender: F Rate:

    Florence, which has been neglected for decades, has a lot going for it, both for its floral feel and as a place name connection to the lovely Italian city (after which Florence Nightingale was name... Read More 

  • Frances

    Gender: F Rate:

    Frances, a soft and gentle classic, last popular a hundred years ago, seems to be on the cusp of a possible revival, along with other such neglected quiet and serious names. It's been chosen in re... Read More 

  • Frank

    Gender: M Rate:

    A Top 10 name from the 1880s until the 1920s, Frank has fallen from favor but still has a certain warm, friendly real-guy grandpa flavor that could come back into style, like other such choices as ... Read More 

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