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Place Names for Babies

Place names for babies come from all over the globe and can include city, state, country, even mountain and ocean names. Here, the most popular place names from around the world used for both girls and boys. For more exotic choices, see our list of Place Names Off The Map.
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  • Caspian

    Gender: M Rate:

    One of the most romantic of appellations, as well as being a geographical name of the large salty sea between Asia and Europe that probably inspired C.S. Lewis to use it for the name of the hero of... Read More 

  • Catalina

    Gender: F Rate:

    This name of a touristed island in sight of Los Angeles makes an attractive and newly stylish variation on the classic Catherine or overused Caitlin. This name was on the rise in 2013, jumping 84 s... Read More 

  • Chelsea

    Gender: F Rate:

    Chelsea is still being used, but it was much more popular a few decades ago--it peaked at Number 15 in 1992. Chelsea first entered the American consciousness in a major way via the character Jane F... Read More 

  • Cheyenne

    Gender: F Rate:

    The name of a courageous tribe, Cheyenne became quite popular in the 1990s, inspiring a wide range of spelling variations -- ShyAnne is one example that's still on the rise.  Read More 

  • China

    Gender: F Rate:

    Long before the current place-name craze, a pair of the more daring pop singers of the Age of Aquarius picked this name for their daughters. Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick used the conventional ... Read More 

  • Dakota

    Gender: M Rate:

    An early and still popular unisex place-name and name of a Native American people in the northern Mississippi valley. While the popularity of Dakota is trending downward for both genders, it's one... Read More 

  • Dallas

    Gender: M Rate:

    Relaxed, laid-back cowboy name with broad appeal, although none of the western place-names packs the same style power they did a few years ago.  Read More 

  • Denver

    Gender: M Rate:

    Before there was Aspen, Denver was the Colorado city name of choice, and we could see it resurfacing as a stylish two-syllable boys' name with the trendy 'er' ending. Its decade of greatest use was... Read More 

  • Devon

    Gender: F Rate:

    This spelling of Devon, as opposed to Devin or Devan, makes it a pretty and popular British place-name, evoking the beautiful county of farmlands and dramatic seascapes and moors in southwest Engla... Read More 

  • Eden

    Gender: F Rate:

    Eden is an attractive, serene name with obvious intimations of Paradise, one of several place names drawn fromthe Bible by the Puritans in the seventeenth century. Eden entered the Top 1000 in 198... Read More 

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