Literary Names for Boys

These literary baby names for boys are derived from characters in books from all genres and periods. Here, a selection of the most distinctive baby names from books. In the literary names category, as always, feel free to think about your own personal favorites.
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  • Samson

    Gender: M Rate:

    With the prevailing popularity of Samuel, some parents are considering this more (literally) powerful biblical name, which shares the desirable nickname of Sam. Samson was, of course, the supernat... Read More 

  • Santiago

    Gender: M Rate:

    Santiago is a spirited Spanish name with great crossover potential: a place-name (it's a city in Chile), a surname, and the patron saint of Spain. In the past decade it has climbed 231 places, now ... Read More 

  • Sawyer

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sawyer is a surname with a more relaxed and friendly feel than many others, and is one of the hottest occupational names right now, with the Nameberry seal of approval. Sawyer is becoming increasin... Read More 

  • Sebastian

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sebastian is an ancient martyr's name turned literary, and "Little Mermaid" hero -- think Sebastian the Crab -- that's entered the Top 50 (rising 19 places this year) as a classic-yet-unconventiona... Read More 

  • Seneca

    Gender: M Rate:

    Seneca's distinguished heritage as the name of the ancient Roman philosopher-playwright who tutored Nero, and of an Iroquois tribe makes this an interesting choice for either sex.  Read More 

  • Septimus

    Gender: M Rate:

    Septimus is one of the more dashing of the birth-order Latin number names that were revived by the Victorians. So even if you don't anticipate son number 7, you might be bold enough to consider thi... Read More 

  • Silas

    Gender: M Rate:

    Silas, once a folksy-sounding, rural New Testament name associated with George Eliot's Silas Marner , is definitely beginning to be reevaluated, a la similar flavored Caleb and Linus, and becoming ... Read More 

  • Taft

    Gender: M Rate:

    A solid, brief but not brusque single-syllable surname with a presidential pedigree.  Read More 

  • Tristan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Tristan -- known through medieval legend and Wagnerian opera -- has a slightly wistful, touching air. This, combined with the name's popular "an" ending, makes Tristan very appealing to parents see... Read More 

  • Tristram

    Gender: M Rate:

    This version of Tristan, known to English Lit students from the novel Tristram Shandy , is rarely used in this country, but, though its similarity to the popular Tristan could prove confusing, stil... Read More 

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