Musician Baby Names

Since musicians invented the concept of cool, where better to look for baby name inspiration than to their own names? The baby names here are drawn from both the first names and last names of well-known musicians.
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  • Shania

    Gender: F Rate:

    This obscure Native-American name owes its very life to country singer Shania Twain, who dropped her original name, Eileen, for it.  Read More 

  • Sinéad

    Gender: F Rate:

    Popular Irish name brought here by singer Sinead O'Connor, could make a striking choice for a child with deep Irish roots.  Read More 

  • Sullivan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sullivan is a jaunty Celtic three-syllable name, with a real twinkle in its eye. It was immortalized in the 1930s classic film Sullivan's Travels and was chosen for one of Patrick Dempsey's twin b... Read More 

  • Talib

    Gender: M Rate:

    Talib is a North African name with an admirable meaning, associated with rapper Talib Kweli. Read More 

  • Thelonious

    Gender: M Rate:

    One of the coolest of names, thanks to legendary jazz pianist Thelonious Sphere Monk, who inherited this Latin-sounding German name from his father. It has been used very sparingly since the 1960's... Read More 

  • Usher

    Gender: M Rate:

    Strongly associated with the mega-popular single-named singer, who was actually the fourth Usher Raymond in his family. He could start a fad.  Read More 

  • Vega

    Gender: F Rate:

    Another astral name, this one relating to one of the largest and brightest stars in the heavens, is popular in Scandinavia.  Read More 

  • Verdi

    Gender: F Rate:

    Embodies both color and operatic style.  Read More 

  • Wolfgang

    Gender: M Rate:

    Chef Wolfgang Puck has helped soften this thunderous Germanic name; music-lovers will appreciate its association with Mozart, though the composer's middle name Amadeus is more appealing.  Read More 

  • Wyclef

    Gender: M Rate:

    Haitian-born rap superstar and humanitarian Wyclef ("Fugees") Jean has lent this name a powerful musical beat.  Read More 

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