Musician Baby Names

Since musicians invented the concept of cool, where better to look for baby name inspiration than to their own names? The baby names here are drawn from both the first names and last names of well-known musicians.
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  • Miles

    Gender: M Rate:

    Miles, which took on a permanent veneer of cool thanks to jazz great Miles Davis, is a confident and polished name that has been appreciated in particular by celebrity baby namers, including Elisab... Read More 

  • Mingus

    Gender: M Rate:

    Supermodel Helena Christensen named her son in honor of jazz great Charles Mingus, opening up a whole category of jazzy possibilities: Kenton, Calloway, Ellington, Gillespie, Mulligan, Tatum, and T... Read More 

  • Morrison

    Gender: M Rate:

    Morrison is one of the more uncommon patronymics; it could be used to honor an ancestral Morris, or one of the well-known surnamed Morrisons: Toni, Jim or Van.  Read More 

  • Morrissey

    Gender: M Rate:

    When British rocker Steven Patrick Morrissey decided to use his last name alone, it became a viable option for baby namers, a lot cooler than Morris or Maurice, with the nice three-syllable lilt of... Read More 

  • Mozart

    Gender: M Rate:

    A daring middle name possibility for classical concertgoers. Alternatives are Wolfgang and Amadeus.  Read More 

  • Mulligan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Less appealing than some other Irish surnames, such as Malone and Sullivan, unless used as a tribute to jazz musician Gerry. There could be some Mulligan stew teasing.  Read More 

  • Mya

    Gender: F Rate:

    This distinctive spelling was popularized by the R&B singer Mya (Harrison) and has inspired many baby namers to adopt Mya for themselves. Read More 

  • Nash

    Gender: M Rate:

    Nash is an English surname whose sound puts it right in step with currently trendy names like Cash, Dash and Ash. It first came to prominence via TV character Nash Bridges, portrayed by Don Johnson... Read More 

  • Nat

    Gender: M Rate:

    Just the kind of old-fashioned nickname coming back into style.  Read More 

  • Nelly

    Gender: F Rate:

    Nelly or Nellie is an adorable nickname name that can be short for a wide range of more formal appellations or that can stand on its own, and is typical of the vintage nickname genre that is growin... Read More 

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