Musician Baby Names

Since musicians invented the concept of cool, where better to look for baby name inspiration than to their own names? The baby names here are drawn from both the first names and last names of well-known musicians.
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  • Aaliyah

    Gender: F Rate:

    Thanks to the ill-fated singer, Aaliyah's the most popular -- but complicated -- spelling of this once-obscure name.  Read More 

  • Abba

    Gender: M Rate:

    Double exposure: 1970s rock sensation (Mamma Mia) and scholar/diplomat name in Israel.  Read More 

  • Adema

    Gender: F Rate:

    Adema is the name of a rock band that might be adapted as a girl's name -- though sounds a bit like a medical condition. Read More 

  • Aja

    Gender: F Rate:

    Sounds like and is often confused with Asia, though it has an air of retro cool via the seminal Steely Dan album.  Read More 

  • Alanis

    Gender: F Rate:

    Singer Alanis Morissette made this twist famous. She was named for her father Alan, who is said to have spotted this version in a Greek newspaper. So far it has been pretty much a one-person name,... Read More 

  • Alannah

    Gender: F Rate:

    Alannah Myles is popularizing this spelling of Alana. Read More 

  • Amadeus

    Gender: M Rate:

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's middle name could make an interesting pick for music-loving parents--if only in middle place. Amadeus is the title of a Peter Shaffer play which became an award-winning fi... Read More 

  • Aretha

    Gender: F Rate:

    There's still only one.  Read More 

  • Arlo

    Gender: M Rate:

    Arlo, strongly associated with shaggy singer Arlo Guthrie, has an animated and cheery feel, thanks to its upbeat o ending. Some Arlo-lovers these days might be more inspired by "Justified" 's anti-... Read More 

  • Armstrong

    Gender: M Rate:

    Last name occasionally used as a first, can be seen as a Lance Armstrong athlete-hero name.  Read More 

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