Movie Character Names

Movie character names may be the only names cooler than the names of the stars that play them. In fact, with the exception of Jack, which has long seemed to be the name of the male character in every other movie and TV adventure show, characters' names veer from the unusual to the outlandish. A few, such as Trinity from The Matrix, jumped right onto the popularity charts.

For more ideas, check out our lists of TV Character Names and Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names.

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  • Imogen

    Gender: F Rate:

    Imogen is a Shakespearean name long fashionable in England, which temporarily lost its way here when spelled and pronounced im-oh-GENE. Pronounced the British way, Imogen is as pretty and classy as... Read More 

  • Jerzy

    Gender: M Rate:

    Writer Jerzy Kosinski put this foreign variation on the U. S. name map.  Read More 

  • Jinx

    Gender: F Rate:

    Jinx, a James Bond heroine name has an ominous meaning but kinetic energy. In the film "Die Another Day," the actual first name of the character played by Halle Berry is Giacinta. Read More 

  • Juba

    Gender: F Rate:

    Juba, a strong and resonant unisex name, belonged to an ancient African king, is a city and river name, and is traditionally given to Ashanti (of Ghana) girls born on Monday.  Read More 

  • Kaena

    Gender: F Rate:

    Kaena is a pleasant sounding unisex Hawaiian place name, the westernmost point of the island of Oahu. In the computer-generated fantasy movie "Kaena: The Prophecy," the character of Kaena is voiced... Read More 

  • Kale

    Gender: M Rate:

    Whether you think of it as Cale with a K, or a pet form of Kalen or Kaleb, this is just the kind of short, synthetic name finding a lot of favor now, but remember -- it's also the name of a vegetab... Read More 

  • Korben

    Gender: M Rate:

    See CORBIN.  Read More 

  • Lamia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Name of mythological fiend who seduced young men and then ate them, which inspired the Keats poem "Lamia." Described in mythology as a snake with the head and breasts of a woman, this name has bee... Read More 

  • Lidda

    Gender: F Rate:

    Kirsten Dunst played a young woman named Lidda, a synthetic name you may consider as a variation of Biblical place-name Lydda or as a short form of Phyllida. Read More 

  • Longfellow

    Gender: M Rate:

    Longfellow is the first name of the eponymous hero of the classic 1936 film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town , later remade with Adam Sandler. But it's hard to imagine a modern parent using it except as a mi... Read More 

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