Boy Names Dads Like More Than Moms

Even though things are changing somewhat, men have historically wanted strong classic or he-man names for their sons. Sometimes, as in a few of the boy names below, they cross the macho line.
  • Gunner

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    The kind of nouveau macho name favored by NRA-leaning parents. Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers gave it to his son in 2009. It is now ranked at number 235. Gunnar is another spelling that makes... Read More 

  • Harry

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    We're just wild about Harry!

    Harry was everyone's elderly uncle until Princess Diana, following British royal tradition, named her son Henry but called him Harry. Then Harry... Read More 

  • Jack

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Jack was, until 2011 when he was unseated by Oliver, for years the Number 1 name in England and is firmly in the Top 45 here, having returned to the Top 100 in 1996. Jack is a durable, cheery... Read More 

  • Jagger

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Jagger is a swaggering Rolling Stone of a name that's been picked up by a number of fellow celebs, including Lindsay Davenport and Brett Scallions--while Soleil Moon Frye pulled a gender switch... Read More 

  • Jake

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    This unpretentious, accessible, and optimistic ("everything's jake" -- meaning OK) short form of the top name Jacob is itself just outside the Top 200, though more parents these days are opting... Read More 

  • Jesse

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    King David's father turned 1980s cowboy, Jesse is now down in popularity, due to the long run of similar female names. The name is associated with a wide variety of bearers, from outlaw Jesse... Read More 

  • Jeter

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Jeter, which of course is used as a first name only because of Yankee star Derek, rhymes with Peter and may be derived from the French surname Jette, which was often bestowed on foundlings because... Read More 

  • Jett

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Aviation enthusiast John Travolta put this fast-paced name in the lexicon when he used it for his late son, and George Lucas followed suit. Read More 

  • Junior

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    The line should end with Junior Soprano. Read More 

  • King

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    King is a name that sends a mixed message. While some might think of it as more fitting for a canine, others see it as a strong name with offbeat style and a full court of rich associations, from... Read More 

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