Nameberry Picks: The 12 Best X Names

Names that contain an x — at the end, in the middle, and even at the beginning — have been climbing in fashionability since Angelina Jolie named her oldest son Maddox around the same time Max morphed from old man to cool kid name. Now, all the Jolie-Pitt boys have names that end with x, and sister Shiloh is said to be campaigning for an x name of her own. And other x choices are rising up the ranks too. Some of these are obscure names that include the letter x; others, like Jaxon, come by their x by design. Our favorite x name choices include both the classic and the new.


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The ancient name Alexander has a wide range of attractive and fashionable variations -- from Alexa to Alexandra to Alessandro to Alix -- but none quite so great as Alexander itself. Famous namesakes include sculptor Alexander Calder.

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