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Gender: M Meaning of Solomon: "peace" Origin of Solomon: Hebrew Solomon's Popularity in 2013: #424

Solomon, a name that evokes wisdom and peace, is an Old Testament name that, along with other patriarchal classics, is finally beginning to shed its long white beard and step from the pages of the Old Testament into modern nurseries.

Originating from the Hebrew word shalom, meaning peace, Solomon was a favorite of Charles Dickens, who used it for characters in three of his novels.

Solomon Grundy is a name that moved from a nursery rhyme ("Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday") to a DC Comics character to the name of a California rock group.

The biblical Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, succeeded his father as king of Israel, and was known for his wisdom ("People came from all the nations to hear the wisdom of Solomon."). He is credited with writing the biblical books Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon--the latter also the title of an acclaimed Toni Morrison novel.

Notable bearers of the name include philanthropist Solomon R. Guggenheim, for whom the New York museum is named, and singer-songwriter Solomon Burke, sometimes referred to as "King Solomon."

From a high of Number 198 in 1880, Solomon has dropped to Number 424 in 2013, though it ranks at 272 on Nameberry.

Famous People Named Solomon

Solomon Burke, American soul singer
Solomon Brown, son of Kody & Robyn Brown from TLC's "Sister Wives"
Solomon Eliot Asch, renowned Polish/American Gestalt psychologist
Solomon Northup, author of the book twelve years a slave
Solomon Islands, tropical Isands found in Oceania.

Pop Culture References for the Name Solomon

Solomon Pross, a corrupt, thoroughly bad character in "A Tale of Two Cities" (1859) by Charles Dickens; robs and abandons his sister (Miss Pross), later turns informer in England, and becomes a spy in France (alias "John Barsad")
Solomon Tetherow, from the movie "Meek's Cutoff"
Solomon Grundy, nursery rhyme and D.C. comics superhero
Solomon Starbuck, character from 'Ace Attorney'

Salman, Salmen, Salmon, Salo, Saloman, Salomone, Selman, Shelomo, Sol, Solamon, Sollie, Solly, Solmon, Soloman, Zalmen, Zalmon, Zelman, Zelmen, Zelmo, Zollie, Zolly

Solomon's International Variations

Suleiman (Arabic) Salamun (Czech) Salaun, Lasimonne (French) Solamh (Gaelic) Salomo (German) Salaman, Salamon (Hungarian) Salamone (Italian) Salamonas (Lithuanian) Salomon (Norwegian) Salamen (Polish) Solomon (Spanish) Shelomoh, Zalman, Shlomo (Yiddish)

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