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Gender: F Meaning of Laura: "bay laurel" Origin of Laura: Latin Laura's Popularity in 2014: #318

Laura is a hauntingly evocative perennial, never trendy, never dated, feminine without being fussy, with literary links stretching back to Dante. All this makes Laura a more solid choice than any of its more decorative enhancements.

Laura has ranked on the popularity list since since official U.S. records have been kept: a Top 20 name from 1963 to 1986--reaching Number 10 in 1969-- and in the top 100 until 2001. Laura is currently hot in several countries--she's the fourth most popular name in Denmark, and Number 10 in Austria.

The meaning of the name, laurel, implies victory via the laurel wreath worn by Olympic athletes and Roman emperors. It was first made famous by the Laura to whom the Italian Renaissance poet Petrarch dedicated many of his love poems, and was later used by Dickens in Bleak House. Well known Lauras include First Lady Bush, Little House writer Ingalls Wilder, designer Ashley, and actors Dern and Linney.

Famous People Named Laura

Laura Sogar, American Swimmer
Laura Ingalls Wilder, American author and pioneer
Laura Prepon, American actress
Laura Linney, American actress
Laura Dern, American actress
Laura Lane Welch Bush, American First Lady 2001-2008
Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America 2012
Laura Marling, English singer/songwriter
Laura Elizabeth Carmichael, English actress
Laura Marano, American actress
Laura Allen, American actress
Laura Kirkpatrick, American model from ANTM Cycle 13
Laura Benanti - American actress
Laura Fraser, Scottish actress
Laura-Leigh, American actress
Laura Osnes, American Broadway actress
Laura Mennell, Canadian actress
Laura Mercier, makeup brand
Laura Carmichael, British actress
Laura Hollingsworth, creator of the Webcomic "The Silver Eye"
Laura Anne Ingraham, American political commentator

Pop Culture References for the Name Laura

Laura Wingfield, character in the play The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
Laura Roslin, character on "Battlestar Galactica"
Laura Petrie, from "The Dick van Dyke Show"
Laura Palmer, from the show "Twin Peaks"
Laura Winslow, from the show "Family Matters"
"Laura," song by Scissor Sisters
"Laura," song by Bat For Lashes
Laura Spencer, character from TV soap "General Hospital"
Laura, character from the game Silent Hill 2
Laura Proek, character on "Fortysomething"
Laura Hellinger, from TV series "The Good Wife"
Laura Hollis, character on the web-series, "Carmilla"

Laranca, Larea, Lari, Lauralee, Laureen, Laurel, Laurella, Laurelle, Lauren, Laurena, Laurence, Laurene, Laurentine, Laurestine, Lauretha, Lauretta, Lauri, Lauriane, Laurianne, Lauricia, Laurie, Laurina, Lawra, Lollie, Lolly, Loree, Loreen, Lorelle, Loren, Lorena, Lorene, Loretta, Lorette, Lorey, Lori, Lorie, Lorinda, Lorine, Loris, Lorna, Lorretta, Lorri, Lorrie, Lorry

Laura's International Variations

Lora (Bulgarian) Laurette, Laure (French) Laurice, Lorita, Lauris, Lore (German) Laurenza, Lorenza (Italian) Laurka (Polish) Laurica, Lavra, Laurissa (Russian) Lorezza, Llora, Laurensa, Laurentena, Laurinda, Laureana, Laurita, Laurentia (Spanish)

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