"A" Girl Names That I Love and That Aren't Used Often.

These are a bunch of girl's names I love, that I feel aren't overused. Well at least in my area. - Created by awriternamedkat

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  • Abigail

    Abigail isn't used much where I live. In fact I've never met an Abigail in my life. I think this name is just beautiful.

  • Abilene

    This name isn't even on the top 1000, and yet I find myself looking at it all the time. Maybe because I'm a fan of "The Help". Anyway everytime I see this name I think of Abilene from that book (or movie). It's something so unique yet so recognizable.

  • Ada

    Everyone loves the name Ava, including me. Yet now its lost all its appeal to me. I like unusual but recognizable. This sping off of Ava is very pretty, and I'd probably use it as a name for a future child, or pet. (Yes I name my animals realistic names, I don't find the appeal in pet nicknames, well not all the time.)

  • Adair

    This name is probably one of my favorites, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't made an appearance lately in the top 1000 baby names. Which I'm glad. I find more appeal in names that are unusual, yet not ridiculous.

  • Adelaide

    I find it appealing, although it may not be for everyone. It's a love or hate name.

  • Alessandra

    Yes, this name isn't that unusual; where I live though it is. I've never met and Alessandra in my life, and this name is so beautiful in my opinion.

  • Alexa

    This name is really popular, but I only know one Alexa. This Alexa also happens to be my bestfriend, and I'd probably name my child after her.

  • Amabelle

    You can spell this Amabelle, Amabel, or Amabell. No matter how you spell it though I'm in love with this name. It takes popular Anabelle, Arabelle, or Arabella and makes something unique. Yet it isn't unheard of at the same time.

  • Amity

    Very unusual name, but I love it so much. Although I'm pretty sure my child would always be asked if she was named after Amityville, or the Amityville horror. If you want something with that sort of tie though then go for it.

  • Annabeth

    I know a Beth and she is amazing, and I'd name my kid after her if I had the chance to. Although I wouldn't name her Beth or Bethany or anything like that. I'd name her this. It gives a modern flare to the name Beth

  • Annalee

    Anna this and Anna that is popular but Annalee is not heard of often. Plus I feel the pull towards the Anna names. They are really pretty and femine.

  • Ara

    A nickname-name. That unusual factor itself causes me to love it already.

  • Arleigh

    I just love it. I don't know why. I just do.

  • Arlo

    I love Marlowe, so why not an unique twist to something popular?

  • Ashlyn

    Not the popular Ashton, or Ashley; but Ashlyn. I love it!

  • Austen

    Why name your girl Austen? That's a guy name! Well in honor of Jane Austen I would definitely name my daughter this.