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These are names that I think are usable for me to use for my future children. Keep in mind that I am a teenager and am not planning on having kids in the near future or using these names any time soon, and it is subject to change. nn= nickname. MN= Middle Name Only. My first names options are in order of current preference. Middle names are in alphabetical order. - Created by HarderToBreathe

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  • Zoe

    The name of my favorite grandmother, my top name.

  • Selene

    This goddess name needs a comeback! nn Lena

  • Thalia

    nn Thalie or Tilly

  • Ariadne

    nn Ari, Addie, or Nini

  • Lilia

    Lily is probably unavoidable as a nn

  • Natalia

    So many nn options: Nat, Natty, Tallie, Talia, Tilly

  • Nicoletta

    Lots of Nic-'s in my family, so I could honor lots of people with one name. nn Colette or Etta

  • Jane

    honors my dad, James (similar sounds)

  • Alice

    So cute and classic, nn Lissy

  • Magdalena

    NN Lena or Maggie

  • Amelia

    nn Millie

  • Cassia

    nn Cassie or Cass

  • Evangeline

    nn Evie

  • Felicity

    My favorite virtue name, nn Fliss, Lissy, Cissy, or Tilly

  • Phoebe

  • Veronica

  • Iliana

    nn Illy

  • Willa

    Possible for honoring for my grandfather William

  • Isadora

    Can't decide what spelling I like. My dad's mom's maiden name has Iz in it, and its a cool maiden name, so I feel like its good honoring a way. Izzy or Dori or Zora are cute nn.

  • Isidora

    See Isadora

  • Coraline

    nn Cora

  • Johanna

  • Eleanor

    Though not connected to the Helen name family (which many of my family names come from), I could use it to honor some family since their names have the El sound in it. nn Nellie or Noor

  • Tessa

  • Adeline

    Sweet Adeline! nn Addie

  • Sibyl

    nn Sibby or Billie

  • Althea

    nn Allie or Thea

  • Alexandra

    My close cousin's name, honoring. MN only

  • Christabel

    MN only, honors my brother

  • Christiana

    See Christabel

  • Daphne

    MN, my mother's name

  • Georgia

    My maiden name (not married yet anyway) contains George. So good for honoring that whole side of my family. MN

  • Georgiana

    See Georgia

  • Helena

    MN, since different forms of Helen have been used in my family for at least 3 generations

  • Maria

    My middle name, which is also very similar to my grandmother's name. So it honors 2. MN only

  • Poppy

    My last name has this sound in it, and it is my favorite flower so I love it. MN only

  • Stella

    MN, my grandmother's name

  • Verity

    I like virtue names, but only for the middle

  • Wilhelmina

    See Willa, MN only

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