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A list my husband and I have formed comprising of options for a baby boy. Either for our first baby or later down the line. This is a name bank full of masculinity. - Created by Jesshudspeth

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  • Albert

    I have loved this name since I watched the movie "The Young Victoria" because of Prince Albert. Pronounced Al-bear for he was German. Albert means "noble and bright." I really like the German pronunciation, however, I think it would be a nightmare correcting us Americans all the time. I am afraid to use it b/c it is not the least bit popular. However, I am not a fan of overly used names. I also have been hard pressed to find strong, masculine names that are not boring from the commonality, i.e. "Matthew, Paul, Mark." Classics, but not creative. Everyone I know is using Paul, Mark or Andrew right now. Albert is still masculine and not over used.

  • Averett

    There is no known history for this name which I do not like. However, it is one of my favorites based on the sound. It is an alternative for me to Avery which has gained much popularity as a female name.

  • Carsen

    Again another name I consider to be a "yuppie" name but one I cannot seem to get out of my head. I like the spelling with an "e" instead of the common "o" seeing in carson. The name "carson" has a terrible nonsense meaning. son of the marsh dweller. I do not find that to be a worthy meaning that i would like to pass on to my child. Reminds me of the SNL skit "in a van down by the river."

  • Clarke

  • Clarke or Clark

    Famous in culture for references like Clark Gable or Superman (though i hate that reference). Both of us like the sound of it. I had an Uncle Clarke who was known for his character and kindness.

  • George

    This name is known in history as many king's names, is also very masculine and my Great-Grandfathers name on my mother's side.

  • Grant

    Another of our "yuppie" names. A name simply meaning "large." Despite the plain meaning there are men in history associated with Grant. Ulysses S. Grant & Cary Grant.

  • Hunter

    Along with Averett it is not a historical name flourishing w/ depth and meaning. It is a newer name to the name charts. Highly masculine. I'm quite fond of it for it points to both my grandfathers' pastime.

  • Jasper

    This has a historic meaning, is known in literature and was my Great-Great-Grandfather's name. Unfortunately, it has gained popularity and my be as over used as Jessica for girls.

  • Jerry

    My late Grandfather's name. A name associated with leadership and confidence. However, it is not my MOST favorite at the moment.

  • Jude

    after uncle Danny

  • Kieran

    A strong Irish name that has gained popularity in the U.S. It reminds me of one of my favorite female names: Kiera but one we will not use because my husband does not think it rolls off the tongue. I think Kieran is wildly Irish. For Americans it may seem a little feminine for it's similarity to "Karen." I also am not sure about the meaning: little dark one. Again it is the masculine form of kiera which means dark haired.

  • Layton

    A name I found in a novel of the male protagonist. I like the sound of it. It reminds me of the popular surnames that are being used like "Landon" or "Greyson" but which has not been over used and commonly heard of that it is boring. The meaning references the meaning of my middle name: Leigh. Having to do with the meadow.

  • Quinten

    Nickname: Quinn? My husband's favorite of all boy names. His closest friend is Quinten. I like the shortened version for the meaning of Quinten does not appeal to me. Although Quinten(the family friend) is one of my favorite people and i would hope to have a son with that type of disposition.

  • Roger

    A very masculine name used on my mother's side because of my Great Uncle Roger. This name is not our most favorite by sound, however, it is the name of my most favorite uncle who Stephen is also very fond of as well. Uncle Roger is handsome, very intelligent, quiet but strong in his opinions. Roger means "famous warrior."

  • West

  • Weston