My Favourite Boys Names

- Created by Phebejane

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  • Ari

    possibly just as a middle name

  • Chase

    possibly just as a middle name

  • Gabriel


  • Hezekiah

    heh-zeh-KAI-uh - family name that was used extensively up until a couple of generations ago. Nickname: Heze/ Hezie or Zeke as nicknames (not Kye)

  • Lucien

    pronounced LOO-shen/ LOO-syen/ LOO-ci-en - undecided. Louis (as in Looie) or Luce (as in loosh) as nicknames

  • Peregrine

  • Phineas

    possibly also spelt Phinneaus or Phinneas. Phinn as a nickname

  • Vincent

    Vinnie (not Vince)

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