Girl? Or boy? Awaiting our first BFP

As we await the "BFP" I get to day dream about names. Trying to stick to family linked names while still allowing our offspring or "spawn" to have their own "ness" - Created by Brojms

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  • Despina

    Greek, name for Neptune as well as one of the many names that are linked to the Virgin Mary. The name means "strongest woman"

  • Georgios

    Husband is Greek, this would be our first sons first name, yogi for short?

  • Harrison

    Dreamt my baby name dreaming life of having a boy named Harris. Family name and not exceedingly common BUT then I went and married a guy who's last name rhymes with and has the same number of syllables.. So trying to keep the dream alive with this twist

  • Malin

  • Regina

    Reggie? Our first date and I like that its such a strong sounding female name.

  • Stellan

    Purely due to my love of alliteration and Nordic family ties.

  • William

    Wylie will be the nickname of choice. Feel like it makes the name more hug friendly.

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