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Boy Names I Adore

Created by kbrown16

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  • Sebastian

    So vintage sounding, yet really usable now. Love the nickname Seb.

  • Wyatt

    It just sounds cool. Isn't that reason enough to like the name?

  • Samuel

    I've really always loved Samuel. It's timeless!

  • Elias

    My absolute favorite boys name ever! It's so adorable. And the nickname Eli? I just love this name!

  • Louis

    I really like it, but the only problem is people pronouncing it Lewis.

  • Aaron

    Really strong and masculine, and I've loved it since Mean Girls.

  • Sander

    I really like this and Xander. I prefer them both over Alexander.

  • Darcy

    Mr. Darcy! I would never use it for a first name, but I really like it for a middle name!

  • Emmett

    I've really always loved this name. It's so adorable!

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