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Every Name that's been in my Top Ten

Created by KickinKay

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  • Aria

  • Charlotte

    (French) little woman

  • Melody

    (Greek) melody

  • Grace

    (Latin) graceful

  • Rosalie

    (English) fair rose

  • Hanna

    (Hebrew) gracious

  • Bay

    (French) evergreen tree

  • Rebekah

    (Hebrew) tied

  • Lila

    (Arabic) night

  • Peyton

    (English) warrior's town

  • Lydia

    (Greek) from Lydia

  • Violet

    (French) a plant with purplish blue flowers

  • Elena

    (Greek) light

  • Eloise

    (English) very wise

  • Ginevra

    (Italian) fair

  • Maeve

    (Irish) joyous

  • Stella

    (Latin) star

  • Madilyn

    (Greek) high tower

  • Saskia

    (Dutch) saxon

  • Winter

    (English) winter

  • Griffin

    (Latin) hooked nose

  • Matthew

    (Hebrew) gift of God

  • Toby

    (Hebrew) God is good

  • Samuel

    (Hebrew) He who heard God

  • Carter

    (English) cart driver

  • Robert

    (English) brilliance

  • Leo

    (Latin) lion