Family History names Finnish , Italian, American

Finnish names- my family immigrated from Finland & my great grandfather came from Italy. Also have some old American names from my dad's side of the family as well as some odd names from my husband's family history - Created by BrookeSiskey

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  • Abijah

    old family name

  • Abraham

    my son's name. My great- great grandfather's name who came from Finland to the US. Also Abram & went by Arpo

  • Aune Elenoora

    strange name and spelling from the family history

  • Bolen

    family name

  • Chester


  • Christina

    also Kristina - my great great grandmother's name who came from Finland to the US

  • Clarice

    family name

  • Clarinda Elizabeth

    from the old american history names

  • Cunegonda

    my great great grandmother from Italy

  • Demps

  • Eleazer

  • Elias

    old family name

  • Emanuel

    nickname was Camel

  • Emilio

    Emil my great grandfather from Italy (Cavareno)

  • Edward Oliver

  • Elbie

  • Eriika

    great great great grandmother from Finland

  • Esko

    great great step grandfather from Finland passport said Eskil

  • Esko Aale

  • Esther Saraphina

    my great grandmother

  • Francis

    great uncle

  • Fair

    family name

  • Gertrude Isabelle

  • Helen


  • Hazel Louise

    husbands great grandmother

  • Jemima Pearl


  • Katherine


  • Katherine Marie

    great grandmother

  • Laila

  • Lorna

  • Matilda

    great great grandmother from Finland

  • Matti

    great great aunt from Finland

  • Mabel Evelyn

    my grandmother's name

  • Martha Adele

  • May Audrey

  • Melvin Erland

  • Oswald

    great uncle

  • Omey Jean

  • Otto William

  • Patricia Anne

    my grandmother

  • Ruth Aurelia

  • Solomon

    old family name

  • Saleta Jane

  • Samuel Matthew

    great grandfather from Finland

  • Urho William

    great uncle, parents from Finland

  • Waino

    great uncle, parents from Finland

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