Boy Names

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  • Cedric

  • Rourke

  • Oswin

    Friend of God

  • Asher

  • Luther

  • Amias

  • Cedar

    That he would be righteous and grow like the cedars of Lebanon. That his body would be a temple of the Holy Spirit. That he would be near to the presence of the Lord.

  • Callum

  • Jairus

  • Otis

  • Knut

  • Ernest

  • Ike

  • Enoch

    Walked with God so closely that God took him without his suffering death. Was commended as pleasing God. Gen 5:24, Heb 11:5,6

  • Elijah

  • Micah

  • Malachi

  • Micaiah

  • Declan

  • Cael

  • Levi

  • Nathaniel

  • Ozias

  • Elias

  • Roald

  • Arlo

  • Azaiah

  • Zane

    God is gracious. That the grace of God would cover him, strengthen him, and enable him to pour out God's grace on others

  • Zakai

    Means Pure

  • Rhys

    Ardor - that he would have an ardor and a passion for Christ and for doing God's will

  • Simeon

    That his eyes would see God's salvation - that he would recognize Christ in every situation and bring him glory

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