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My Favourite Boys Names

All my favourite boys names, including why I love them and nicknames. - Created by srl1212

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  • Arlo

    Sounds both cute and gentlemanly, imo. I just really love the sound of it.

  • Beau

    Short, simple, reminds me of Beau Brummel. It would probably work better as a nickname or middle name, but I like it by itself as well.

  • Halloran

    I love this breezy but strong way to get to one of my favourite nicknames for a boy, Hal.

  • Mateo

    I love pretty much anything ending in 'o'. I prefer this spelling and love the nickname 'Teo'.

  • Stellan

    It just sounds really strong, yet unique. Brings to mind vikings and warriors. Maybe the nickname 'Stell' but I'm not super crazy about it.

  • Tobias

    To me this name sounds sharp and witty. And I adore the nickname 'Toby'!

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