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Astro Names

Names inspired by astronomy - Created by emmybee

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  • Planck

    After the physicist Max Planck, would make a cool middle name

  • Andromeda

    Our nearest galactic neighbor

  • Arcturus

  • Lyra

  • Cygnus

  • Cassiopeia

  • Copernicus

  • Galilea

    A cool variation on Galileo

  • Urania

    Muse of astronomy

  • Kronos

    God of time

  • Cosima

    Close enough to "cosmos" to apply, I think

  • Stella

  • Astrid

  • The Doctor

    Just kidding

  • Aurora

  • Zephyr

    West wind (not quite astronomy, but heavenly)

  • Ursa

  • Hale (hailey)

  • Zenith

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