Name ideas for male English Springer Spaniel Puppy!

My SO & I are adopting a 5-wk-old male (black & white) English Springer Spaniel VERY soon if all goes well and I've been brainstorming like crazy for names for the lil guy!! - Created by DancersVenture

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  • Arlo

    Yes, we are fans of Arlo Guthrie as well...! ;)

  • Barnaby

    Like the nn's Arnie & Barnes

  • Blaise

    ...'Cause he has a big blaze on his face, & I have loved this name for a long time now! nn: Ace, Blay, or Bay

  • Bram

    He also looks like a Bram, and I do have a soft spot (totally!) for this name. I also love Abraham, but Bram suits his looks much better!

  • Danube

  • Hopper

  • Lincoln

    With his markings, he really looks like a little 'Lincoln' to me! Adore the nn Linc.

  • Mackson

  • Maverick

    My SO & I both really think this is a cool choice and he loves the nn Mack with it. nn: Mack or Mick

  • Mackee Hopper Jackson Bear

    My Pup's full name! ;)

  • Otto

    Even though it's Germanic in origin, both my SO & I love the name!

  • Remington

    Would call him Remy/Remi...I adore Remy!

  • Sullivan

    With the nn Sully or Van...also has a 'dark'/'black' meaning attached to it!

  • Willoughby

    This would be so cute, I thought! nn: Will, Wilby, Lou or Louie

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