Creative Baby Names

Creative baby names can be drawn from the worlds of art, music, design, or literature. Creative baby names for boys and girls include the following.
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  • Thisbe

    Gender: F Rate:

    Thisbe, the name of a beautiful but tragic lover in mythology, is lively and cute -- in a slightly thistly, prickly way. Ovid retold the story of Thisbe and Pyramus, young lovers in ancient Babylon... Read More 

  • Winslet

    Gender: F Rate:

    Winslet is one of a legion of surnames newly considered fair game as first names. The inspiration may be British star Kate, but she's not the only reason parents are attracted to Winslet, which sou... Read More 

  • Winslow

    Gender: M Rate:

    Winslow, despite its creative connection to the distinguished American painter Winslow Homer, does still retain remnants of the image of a Victorian boy in a sailor suit, making Winston or even jus... Read More 

  • Xan

    Gender: M Rate:

    With the plethora of Alexes around, Xan (and Xander) have emerged as hot new nicknames for Alexander. Xan also stands well on its own. It can be found--not surprisingly--in several computer games. Read More 

  • Zadie

    Gender: F Rate:

    When aspiring British writer Sadie Smith decided to change her name to the more distinctive and zippy Zadie at the age of fourteen, this attention-magnet name was born. But though it might sound l... Read More 

  • Zandra

    Gender: F Rate:

    When unconventional British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, the Swinging London's 'Princess of Punk,' changed her first initial from S to Z, she transformed a diminutive of Alexandra into a legitim... Read More 

  • Zeno

    Gender: M Rate:

    Zeno, the name of two ancient philosophers, has a muscular dynamism that's lightened by its cheerful final vowel, resulting in a kind of offbeat sci-fi feel. Zeno of Citium was the founder of the S... Read More 

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