Saints' Names

Here's proof that you can find saints' names that go way beyond the stodgy Anne or Francis. Following is a selection of some of the coolest saints' names for babies.
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  • Cassian

    Gender: M Rate:

    Cassian is a saints' and Latin clan name, related to Cassius, that is virtually unused and waiting to be discovered. There have been at least four fourth and fifth century St. Cassians, one of who... Read More 

  • Cloud

    Gender: M Rate:

    Like Sky and Sunshine, this fluffy name from the hippie 1970s has floated back onto the naming radar.  Read More 

  • Colette

    Gender: F Rate:

    Modern parents might be attracted to this name because of the French novelist -- though pen name Colette was actually her last name, Sidonie-Gabrielle her first. Colette was one of a group of Gal... Read More 

  • Conan

    Gender: M Rate:

    The fierce image of the Barbarian made a complete turnaround thanks to amiable talk show host O'Brien, making Conan one of the newly desirable Irish choices, a perfect alternative to Conor/Connor. ... Read More 

  • Daria

    Gender: F Rate:

    An early Christian martyr, a bespectacled MTV cartoon heroine, and Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy: Daria is a name that manages to feel contemporary and usable without being exactly stylish. Wh... Read More 

  • Elias

    Gender: M Rate:

    Elias, strong and charismatic, is following in the path of family members Elijah and Eli, and is also moving on up in popularity, now a solid Number 113. Used by the English Puritans in the eighte... Read More 

  • Emilian

    Gender: M Rate:

    With the new trend of boys' names rising on the heels of their popular sisters, the unusual-yet-familiar-feeling Emilian might become better known thanks to its relationship to Emily and Emilia/Ame... Read More 

  • Fabian

    Gender: M Rate:

    Fabian is the ancient name of a saint and pope that also has Shakespearean cred as Olivia's servant in Twelfth Night and more recently made an appearance in Harry Potter . In the US Fabian became b... Read More 

  • Felicity

    Gender: F Rate:

    Felicity is as accessible a virtue name as Hope and Faith, but much more feminine -- and dare we say happier. The hit TV show did a lot to soften and modernize the once buttoned-up image of Felicit... Read More 

  • Finnian

    Gender: M Rate:

    Finnian is a fair jig of a name, energetic and easy on the ear. Finnian (and brother Finian) is also familiar in its alternate spelling through the classic 1968 Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow ,... Read More 

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