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Poet Baby Names

The great poets can provide naming inspiration for both girl and boy babies. Here, some poet baby names to consider.
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  • Lorca

    Gender: F Rate:

    The haunting Lorca is a place name from the Spanish province of Navarre, but far more famous as the surname of the eminent Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca—who was the direct ins... Read More 

  • Lowell

    Gender: M Rate:

    Lowell is an upstanding and somewhat conservative name that calls to mind the genteel patrician families of nineteenth century New England, such as the one poet Robert Lowell was born into. Two oth... Read More 

  • Marlowe

    Gender: F Rate:

    Is it Marlo, Marlow, or Marlowe? Suddenly they all seem very much in the air, in tune with rhyming cousins Harlow and Arlo. It all started when Margaret Julia Thomas began being known as Marlo (af... Read More 

  • Millay

    Gender: F Rate:

    Pretty and distinctive choice for poetry lovers.  Read More 

  • Moore

    Gender: M Rate:

    Moore is recommended as a rich and satisfying middle name choice, whether it relates to your own family history or not. Of the numerous outstanding Moore-surnamed namesakes, count sculptor Henry, w... Read More 

  • Nash

    Gender: M Rate:

    Nash is an English surname whose sound puts it right in step with currently trendy names like Cash, Dash and Ash. It first came to prominence via TV character Nash Bridges, portrayed by Don Johnson... Read More 

  • Paz

    Gender: F Rate:

    Paz, currently represented by actresses Paz Vega and Paz de la Huerts, would make a sparkling middle name choice. It originated as a title of the Virgin Mary -- Our Lady of Peace. Pazia is an attr... Read More 

  • Poe

    Gender: F Rate:

    Hip new middle-name choice, conjuring up the gothic tales of Edgar Allan, and current single-named pop singer Poe.  Read More 

  • Poet

    Gender: F Rate:

    A recently entered name on the roster, Poet was used for her daughter by Soleil Moon (Punky Brewster) Frye, who obviously appreciates the advantages of an unusual name. This is a possible middle n... Read More 

  • Sonnet

    Gender: F Rate:

    Could there be a more poetic name than Sonnet? Actor Forest Whitaker was inspired to choose it for his daughter. The word sonnet derives from the Italian sonetto , meaning 'little song.' And alth... Read More 

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