French Baby Girl Names

French baby girl names aren't limited to the same old noms--the Michelles and Danielles and Gabrielles. Here are some fresh French baby names for girls.
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  • Maeva

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    Though an a ending makes most names more modern these days, it doesn't work that way with Maeve, which is loveliest in its plainer Irish form. Read More 

  • Mailys

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    Another female relative of Saint Mael. Read More 

  • Manon

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    Manon is an endearing French pet name for Marie or Marianne; it has the exotic yet straightforward feel that makes it a viable import. Manon of the Spring was a gorgeous French film, Manon Lescau... Read More 

  • Marguerite

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    Marguerite is a classic French name with a remnant of old-fashioned Gallic charm; and is also a variety of daisy. Chic again in Paris, it's definitely ripe for revival here. Another reason you m... Read More 

  • Prune

    Gender: F Rate:

    Prune is a fruit name loved by the French, for whom it's a Plum equivalent. In the U.S., Plum works, but Prune is not a name we'd want to inflict on a child. Prunella is slightly more plausible. Read More 

  • Romane

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    The feminine version of the newly-stylish Roman -- and the longer form of the also-newly-stylish Romy -- would make a girls' choice that achieves that near-impossible balance of being both original... Read More 

  • Salome

    Gender: F Rate:

    Salome was a Biblical dancer whose unseemly story involving John the Baptist's head on a platter has in the past made parents shy away from her name, but the stigma is definitely fading. Ex- ER sta... Read More 

  • Severine

    Gender: F Rate:

    This long-popular name in France sounds fresh, elegant and unusual here. Severine is the name of the most recent gorgeous James Bond Girl in the film Skyfall . Students of film history will associ... Read More 

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