New Baby Names on the Rise

These are baby names that have only started to be heard in recent years, but are rising through baby names popularity lists and we predict will be used more frequently in the future.
  • Zander

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    On the rise as an independent name: Zander and Xander are both in the Top 300 and can increasingly be found as characters in movies and on TV. Read More 

  • Zion

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Zion has taken off in recent years, especially after singer Lauryn Hill used it for her son in 1997. It combines a user-friendly Ryan-Brian sound with the gravitas of religious significance. The... Read More 

  • Zoey

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    More than 7,000 parents chose the phonetic Zoey for their daughters in the last year counted, its kinship with Joey giving it a tomboyish feel. Zoey is now the most popular form of the name, in... Read More 

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