Cool Midcentury Baby Names

Midcentury houses are in, midcentury furniture is in, so why not midcentury baby names? Maybe because too many of them feel like the dowdy, overplayed Baby Boomer names just heading into retirement and not due back in style for another generation or two. But some cool guy and girl midcentury names, with their sleek lines and no-nonsense feel, can work now.
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  • Art

    Gender: M Rate:

    Its meaning may be creative; its abbreviated sound is not.  Read More 

  • Bea

    Gender: F Rate:

    Bea is a former old lady name that's cute again as a short form -- and is now beginning to stand on its own. Bee is a variation that, like Bea, can work as a diminutive for any name that starts wit... Read More 

  • Betty

    Gender: F Rate:

    Combine the popularity of Betty White and Mad Men 's glamorous Betty Draper Francis, with the residual sweetness of Ugly Betty 's Betty Suarez, and the result is an impending return of the name. It... Read More 

  • Billie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Billie is a tomboy nickname name, part of the growing trend for using boyish nicknames for girls. To track its path from blue to pink, Billie was 100% male in 1880, was 55% female just a decade la... Read More 

  • Chet

    Gender: M Rate:

    Chet is an old-fashioned short form that, ala Ned and Joe, is starting to sound cool again. Read More 

  • Cy

    Gender: M Rate:

    Where Sam, Max, and Gus may be leading us.  Read More 

  • Dean

    Gender: M Rate:

    Dean may sound to some like a retro surfer boy name, yet there were more than 1,200 babies named Dean last year. For decades it was associated with Dean (born Dino) Martin; more recent representati... Read More 

  • Des

    Gender: M Rate:

    The cool clipped Des may be the part of the name wave of the future, with midcentury names like Des and Vic and Stan riding back into style on the heels of big brothers Max and Sam and Ray. Read More 

  • Dot

    Gender: F Rate:

    Old-fangled nickname could make dot. com era short form or middle name.  Read More 

  • Edie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Edie is part of the Evie-Ellie et al family of cute and friendly short forms that sometimes stand on its own. Briefly popular in the 1960's, it could well be due for rediscovery. Several Ediths ha... Read More 

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