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Saints' Names for Girls

Saints' names are still required for a Roman Catholic baptism, but beyond religious strictures, you might be interested in saints as inspirational namesakes or as a source of unusual ancient names. This list includes a range of saints' names for girls, from the classic to the cool to the rarely-heard.
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  • Verena

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    Verena is pleasant but old-fashioned. Whether that's the outdated kind of old-fashioned or the so-out-it's-in-again kind is your call.  Read More 

  • Victoria

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    Victoria, the epitome of gentility and refinement, reflects the image of the long-reigning British queen. In the nineties, Victoria managed to breach the Top 20, but has dropped a bit now to fall j... Read More 

  • Vincenza

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  • Winifred

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    One of the few remaining unrestored vintage gems, with a choice of two winning nicknames--the girlish Winnie and the tomboyish Freddie--as well as the slight stretch Freda. Winifred, the name of a... Read More 

  • Zenobia

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    With historical roots as a beautiful and intelligent ancient queen and literary ties to Hawthorne and Edith Wharton novels, this rarity could appeal to adventurous parents seeking the exotically un... Read More 

  • Zita

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    A thirteenth-century Tuscan saint, patron of homemakers, Zita is the kind of name that sounded really creative in an earlier era.  Read More 

  • Zoe

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    After being on the Most Popular list consistently forever, Zoe has of late been zooming up the popularity lists (rising 450 places in fifteen years), now at Number 30--it's highest ever by far. Zoe... Read More 

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