Romantic Baby Names for Girls

There has been an upturn in the use of romantic baby names for girls in recent years, think Isabelle and Sophia. Some of these romantic baby names seem to coincide with classic names, and others are heard less often. Here's a list of romantic girl names chosen for their originality, use in literature and film, as well as romance novels:
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  • Juliana

    Gender: F Rate:

    Long common in Europe, the elegant and regal Juliana, also spelled with two n's, has invaded these shores, in tandem with the more classic Julia. There were several early Saint Julianas and Queen J... Read More 

  • Juliet

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the most romantic names, the lovely and stylish Juliet seems finally to have shaken off her limiting link to Romeo. In Shakespeare's play, it was Juliet who said "What's in a name?" This yea... Read More 

  • Kenna

    Gender: F Rate:

    Diminutive variation of McKenna. Read More 

  • Lara

    Gender: F Rate:

    Laura or Lauren alternative made romantic by Dr. Zhivago, and sexy by video-game heroine Lara Croft.  Read More 

  • Lilliana

    Gender: F Rate:

    While Lillian is the English version of this elaborated flower name and Liliana is the authentic Spanish or Portuguese spelling that's pronounced the same, Lilliana is a hybrid spelling that doesn'... Read More 

  • Lissa

    Gender: F Rate:

    Lissa might be an abbreviation of Melissa, but it's more substantial in its own right: Lissa is the name of a supreme mother goddess in African mythology and an Arabic symbol of rebirth.  Read More 

  • Lucinda

    Gender: F Rate:

    Lucinda, an elaboration of Lucia created by Cervantes for his 1605 novel Don Quixote , is a pleasingly pretty alternative to Lucy. It was subsequently used by Moliere in his play The Doctor in Spit... Read More 

  • Magdalena

    Gender: F Rate:

    Magdalena is a pretty name forever associated with the fallen-yet-redeemed Mary Magdalen; often heard in the Hispanic community. But forward thinking parents are reviving Magdalena along with Magd... Read More 

  • Maia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Maia is a light, ethereal name with mystical overtones. In Greek legend, she was the fair-haired daughter of Atlas who mothered Zeus's favorite illegitimate son, Hermes. To the Romans, Maia was t... Read More 

  • Mariella

    Gender: F Rate:

    Lilting and nearly unknown here, with the currently popular ella ending, makes a good Marissa alternative.  Read More 

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