Royal Baby Names

Royal baby names are those used by royal families in recent years. Many of them have been used by royal families over the centuries, while some of newcomers to the royal name lexicon. Royal baby names include:
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  • Louise

    Gender: F Rate:

    Louise has for several decades now been seen as competent, studious, and efficient -- desirable if not dramatic qualities. But now along with a raft of other 'L' names, as well as cousin Eloise, L... Read More 

  • Luana

    Gender: F Rate:

    The kind of vaguely exotic-sounding name used for Polynesian maidens in early movies.  Read More 

  • Luisa

    Gender: F Rate:

    Louise and Louisa have been put into the Exoticizer to produce this pretty and more unusual version, Luisa. Read More 

  • Maria

    Gender: F Rate:

    As the most common female name in all Spanish-speaking countries, this saintly Latin variation of Mary is more likely to be an ethnic name, though old-line Wasps still favor it, and it retains a ti... Read More 

  • Maud

    Gender: F Rate:

    Maud, lacy and mauve-tinted, was wildly popular a hundred years ago, but has been rarely heard in the past fifty. Some stylish parents are starting to choose Maud again, especially as a middle. Mau... Read More 

  • Miguel

    Gender: M Rate:

    Miguel's just outside the U. S. Top 100, suggesting that perhaps not only Latinos are using this Spanish classic.  Read More 

  • Nicolas

    Gender: M Rate:

    Nicolas is the French and Spanish form, or streamlined spelling, of Nicholas, popularized by actor Nicolas Cage, that's still widely used.  Read More 

  • Pablo

    Gender: M Rate:

    Pablo, the commonly used Spanish version of Paul, has the added bonus of some fantastic artistic bearers: painter Picasso, cellist Casals, and poet Neruda.  Read More 

  • Savannah

    Gender: F Rate:

    A place name with a deep Southern accent, the once-obscure Savannah shot to fame, with others of its genre, on the heels of the best seller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , which was set i... Read More 

  • Sofia

    Gender: F Rate:

    The name of a Greek saint and queens of Russia and Spain, Sofia is the elegant choice of several celebs; Lisa Remini, Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy all named their daughters Sofia. The Sof... Read More 

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