Classic Baby Names with a Twist

What if you love classic baby names but want something more original? Or if you're looking to honor a relative but want to spin their classic name a bit differently? Without getting into too-crazy spelling variations or too-easy international forms, here some twists on classic baby names.
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  • Zandra

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    When unconventional British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, the Swinging London's 'Princess of Punk,' changed her first initial from S to Z, she transformed a diminutive of Alexandra into a legitim... Read More 

  • Zara

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    Zara is an evocative name, often used in early movies and novels for a sultry character from the East--Greta Garbo played one in the 1932 film As You Desire Me . Britain's Princess Anne defied roya... Read More 

  • Zuzanna

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    Remember Zuzu, the adorable little girl you watch every Christmas in "It's a Wonderful Life"? Here's a direct path to that nickname, a lot more zesty than the more familiar Susannah. Read More 

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