Classic Baby Names with a Twist

What if you love classic baby names but want something more original? Or if you're looking to honor a relative but want to spin their classic name a bit differently? Without getting into too-crazy spelling variations or too-easy international forms, here some twists on classic baby names.
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  • Beatrix

    Gender: F Rate:

    Beatrix, has a solid history of its own apart from Beatrice, with that final x adding a playful, animated note to the name's imposing history. It has been largely associated with Beatrix (born Hele... Read More 

  • Benedict

    Gender: M Rate:

    Parents who like Ben and Benjamin but find those forms too popular sometimes consider Benedict as a more distinctive choice. Unlike the Old Testament Benjamin, Benedict is the name of the saint wh... Read More 

  • Benno

    Gender: M Rate:

    Benno is a cool name in its own right -- there was a tenth century Saint Benno -- though it is also used as a lively nickname for Benjamin. Saint Benno of Meissen is the patron saint of anglers and... Read More 

  • Carlotta

    Gender: F Rate:

    Carlotta has a large measure of finger-snapping exotic charm and substance--despite being a not too pleasant character in The Little Mermaid. Carlotta is also the diva/prima donna in The Phantom of... Read More 

  • Carolina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Languid, romantic, and classy, this variation heats up Caroline and modernizes Carol, adding a southern accent. Pronounced Caro-LINE-a in English-speaking countries, it is heard as Caro-LEEN-a in ... Read More 

  • Caterina

    Gender: F Rate:

    If your ancestry is Italian, you may want to consider this elegant twist on a classic.  Read More 

  • Cecile

    Gender: F Rate:

    Cecile is a fairly common French saint's name, scattered throughout classic French literature--in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, in Balzac's Cousin Pons, and Zola's Germinal. Cecile, Cecily and Cecilia... Read More 

  • Ceil

    Gender: F Rate:

    With the growing popularity of Celia and Cecilia, this vintage canasta-playing nickname name could be due for a comeback. Ceil had a few years of recorded popularity in the first decade of the twe... Read More 

  • Christiana

    Gender: F Rate:

    Not cutting edge, but still graceful and feminine.  Read More 

  • Christo

    Gender: M Rate:

    This unusual name, which is jauntier than Chris when used as a diminutive of Christopher, is associated with the Bulgarian installation artist of that name, responsible for wrapping many public ins... Read More 

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