Best Cool Unusual Boys' Names

Here is a list of 100 cool and unusual boy's names with the most potential---they have genuine roots, are attractive, and work in the modern world. Best of all, they're still widely underused! Click here to see lots more boys' names and here to view our full menu of unusual names.
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  • Walden

    Gender: M Rate:

    Walden is a recent entrant to the en-ending boys' names trend, a name that summons up placid images of Thoreau's two-year stay contemplating nature near Walden Pond. A quite different image came ... Read More 

  • Waldo

    Gender: M Rate:

    Its jaunty o-ending makes this name more appealing than most of its Germanic brothers, and we hope we're beyond the constant response to his name being "Where's Waldo?" The weighty reputation of ... Read More 

  • Ward

    Gender: M Rate:

    Until recently Ward was, like Wally, a Cleaver name, but today's parents are seeing it as a cooler nickname for Edward than Eddie, and are also beginning to use it on its own.  Read More 

  • Washington

    Gender: M Rate:

    Lincoln, Tyler, Taylor, Jackson, Jefferson, Harrison, McKinley, Grant, Kennedy, Carter -- yes. Washington -- probably not.  Read More 

  • Webb

    Gender: M Rate:

    This pleasant single-syllable surname might be especially appealing to someone involved with the internet (and who isn't?)--even if some others might see it as a drawback. Webb is one of those nam... Read More 

  • Webster

    Gender: M Rate:

    Webster is one of several W-starting surname names back on the drawing board, now that it has recovered from its childlike eighties sitcom identity. Webster was used in respectable numbers in the... Read More 

  • Wilfred

    Gender: M Rate:

    Wilfred is one of those Old Man Names that still sounds fusty in the US but is fashionable in the UK. It comes with readymade short forms Will or Fred and might make an adventurous alternative to ... Read More 

  • Win

    Gender: M Rate:

    Win is an upbeat, can-do name that can be a short form of one of the buttoned-up British choices above or can stand on its own. Welsh Wyn is another possibility. Read More 

  • Zebulon

    Gender: M Rate:

    An Old Testament name with a Puritan feel and post-Zachary possibilities--one of several routes to the cool nickname Zeb. Pike's Peak was named for Zebulon Pike, the best known bearer of the name... Read More 

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