Cool Baby Names That Start With F

F is one of those sleeper initials that's fashionable precisely because it's so unfashionable. Some of the coolest F baby names:
  • Fable

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Fable, like Story, is a word name with real potential, combining enchanted tale-telling with a moral edge. And soundwise, it would fit right in with the likes of Abel and Mabel.Read More 

  • Fanchon

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Fanchon is a sweet and affectionate Gallic choice. Read More 

  • Fania

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Fania would make an interesting choice for a child of Irish Russian heritage, being a Celtic name with a Russian Tania-like feel. Read More 

  • Fantine

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Fantine is a rarely heard French name except as a character in the Victor Hugo novel Les Misérables. Read More 

  • Farrell

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    If you're looking for a pleasing namesake that's more modern than Darrell/Darryl, this would make an excellent choice. Farrell is an Anglicized form of the Irish Fergal, and was well used as a... Read More 

  • Felix

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Felix, energetic and upbeat with a felicitous meaning, has finally transcended its negative associations to Felix The Cat and the persnickety Felix Unger.

    The name of four popes and... Read More 

  • Fenella

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    More unusual than Fiona and more user-friendly than Fionnuala, the engaging Scottish Fenella, has been scarcely heard in this country.

    Fenella first became known outside of Ireland when... Read More 

  • Feodora

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Feodora is an interesting choice for the intrepid name giver, especially with its dynamic nickname, Feo (pronounced FAY-oh). Read More 

  • Fergus

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    In Celtic lore, Fergus was the ideal of manly courage; Fergus is a charming, slightly quirky Scottish and Irish favorite.

    As a name, Fergus forms a link between Ireland and Scotland, as... Read More 

  • Ferris

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Though the cinematic Ferris Bueller was twenty years ago, the time for this name may be now. Read More 

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